Prototype construction

We manufacture your prototype

Are you bubbling with ideas? We would be happy to turn your ideas into reality. We plan, construct and manufacture your own prototype - precisely according to your wishes.

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Prototype construction

Manufacturing of prototypes

Here you will soon find more information on the subject of prototype construction.


Increase your production

What is ROBOTAP?

The ROBOTAP is a successful example of our prototype construction. With this system you can cut, drill and weld your parts automatically. With ROBOTAP you get a collaborating robot with a program, your desired application and a safety cell. We will send you the system complete and pre-installed – You can put them into operation directly.

Using ROBOTAP is super easy

The robot arm is connected to your desired application - for example a thread cutting machine. In order for ROBOTAP to know where to drill, you have to "teach" it beforehand: you manually drive the positions of the holes and save them. Now you can play the program in a continuous loop. When the robot reaches the stored points, it controls the motor, cuts the thread and goes into reverse. Then it drives to the next saved point or drives back to the parking position.



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Works 24/7


Flexible applications


With security concept


Super easy to use


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